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Hats, wands, NMs, $$$$$$$$, and more! (FFXI)

A busy, fun, exciting, day that ended in a couple million cash and a date~!

To start, we did a LS run of a KS30 BC: Copycat. Eye mob, it could use any two-hour of the party members, plus had one party member charmed at all times. SO MUCH FUN! And gah, we made millions in cash! *boggle* We did seven runs, and won six of them.

Winning the BC? Getting big money drops? All of that took second to the joy of chasing down and beating my friends! Poor Sylf (our BLM) seemed to be everyone's favorite target, second only to Zub (our PLD). Amusingly and sadly, Zub hit me for twice as much as I (DRK) was able to hit him for! Heehee. At one point I had to kite him, because the silly guy was hitting me for so much! *snickers endlessly*

The boots (fuma) sell for like 3M each, and we got three pairs! o.O The ingots were 770K, and the phil stones were not much less than the ingots. Plus look at the cloth drops! And we got a bunch of rare/ex weapons, too! (Including the reason for going: To get Beanie the weapon she wanted... the last drop in our last attempt!)

Everything hasn't sold yet, and I've made nearly 2M for a couple hours of "work" (fun!). o.O

I died twice as DRK, but with R3s I only lost a total of about 500 XP. No biggie. In general, the fights were pretty easy. (But multiple stunners really are necessary. The mob tosses AMs out and -aga IIIs frequently!) Twice it did this though, which was the most annoying thing ever:

We had it nearly dead, and it healed to full. Bah!

After the KS runs, we went and did my RDM AF3! Eee!

And here I am, in my full AF! Yeah, you see RDM AF around everywhere, but when it's your AF it seems really special and cool! :D So happy to have it done! Now I can just be casual and stress-free with RDM!

At first it looked like we didn't have enough people to do the run today, but I got brave and asked Nyiri if she minded coming, and she came! And brought a PLD (from EK, I believe?) too! And Theonion came, too! :D Plus lots of LS people! They killed the first NM almost before I got there, heehee! And the second one went down really fast.

A NM happened to be up while we were doing AF3 goodness, so we killed it. Skewer Sam! No good drops, just a skin. Fun title though! (BeakBender)

Then (as if the day wasn't full enough!) Woman and I went on a "date"~! We got the Valentine's Day wands together. :) The wand looked good on her, but kind of silly on me. And like the proper gentleman that I am, when the date was over I walked her home. Heehee. So much fun!

And lastly, from an XP party a couple days ago: Usually these face-things do nothing for me, but I liked this one because it really looked like a punch.

...and okay, it's days like this that I play the game for. :D

Edit: Since we had the big wins at the BC, I decided to splurge. Funny how I freely and happily toss money at DRK, but buying big ticket items for RDM makes me twitch. (Maybe because people would still invite me as RDM even if I wore nothing but a mustard stain and a smile?)
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