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Late, late (FFXI)

Very late = short short post.

Spent two hours waiting for a G2 run to gather and go (I was online early, but not early enough to XP or much of anything before it), spent much of the run grumbling about idiots from other LSs who were utterly unable to follow the tail. Idiots, idiots, idiots. Idiots with attitudes, no less. (But as Yossy said, no use damning the whole LS over the acts of a few idiots... but on the other hand, a LS who would house people like that? But hey, it's not my LS anymore, so it's not my problem. If other people are willing to deal with folks like that, let them.)

After that we went to farm wandering bulbs for the crown. Got three, which is how many we needed! Woo! And it only took an hour, so we went to get salts... but only got one of the three we needed. :/ Oh well.

Got 10 levels on sword and more than 15 levels on dagger! *happy*happy* Still seriously underleveled, but that's a good start.
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