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Okay, that's enough for now (FFXI)

Tonight, while XPing with Des, Ead, and a few randoms, the thought struck me that I was tired of XPing. Of dashing home after work so I could put up my flag, of not getting dinner until an hour before bed because I was busy in an XP party, of pushing pushing pushing. I'm wearing my full AF, I dinged 61 and so I'm now able to wear my yag hat as RDM. Why push further? Or at least why do it at this breakneck pace.

So I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do (I don't need to farm/mine, I don't want to quest), but I'm sure I'll figure something out. I do need to make a kazillion tools so I can start leveling NIN, so maybe I'll do that.

By the way, the yag hat looks just horrible with RDM AF. It looks amazingly good with DRK AF, but totally wrong with RDM.

PS: I don't hate the job or anything, I'll go back to leveling sooner or later, I just need a little break now. :)

PPS: CSI gets more and more disturbing every week. o.O I keep saying I have to stop watching it, but... I like the characters. :/
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