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Quick FFXI post

Mostly for Cehra, since she didn't believe that anyone could actually looked good in a harness. Here's the screenshot! Somehow a level one bronze harness actually works with the Thick line of armor. I'd so totally do me. :D

I had to wear the harness for some Windy quest, something you supposedly had to do before you could get the fellowship NPC G1 quest. Finished it, but still no G1. (Gunnar is only 47, so it might be because he's not 50 yet.) Used two charges XPing him, and he's nearly 48 now. XPing's going so slowly, but is going to get worse/impossible: I really can't kill much tougher mobs than these myself, so once he can't get XP from this level mob, I'll be stuck unless I get a PC XPing partner.

For that reason and others, I really need to start XPing RDM again. I want to be able to do more LS events as RDM -- going as DRK/THF is so "gimped" for me personally. (Sneak/inv only through items, no warp, no hasting myself for skilling weapons, plus other things.) DRK/THF does give stun and TH though, so it's somewhat useful. I just wish I felt like XPing. Maybe I just need to get back on the horse and do it...

Did nothing big/exciting today: Helped get a coffer key for a LS friend, helped get a RDM test for another LS friend, then XPed Gunnar. Saturday and Sunday we're doing Sandy missions (I think), so at least that'll be something exciting.
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