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Screenshot time! (FFXI)

Catlove is finally back up, so I caught up on email/LJ comments and uploaded the screenshots from the past couple days.

In no special order:

sukashi, this is Yunchang. I won't have to pine over you being on another server anymore~ (Isn't that DRG JSE armor amazing? Looks like it's made for DRKs!)

I don't know what's wrong with me, but I'm finding more and more of these face-things cute:

As the name implies, she was a mithra (non-players: catgirl) thief. Poucing kittyface!

This is one of the freakiest screenshots I've gotten in a while. I was the target of the Guillotine, yet it looks like I was the one doing it. Somehow my camera swung around to the DRK's POV, which is funny since usually I'm the DRK. And I totally don't get that text at the bottom, maybe it's some sort of oddly translated Japanese? Maybe he was telling other people it would be dangerous to be near? But that makes no sense... (Maybe that Japanese text makes it make more sense?)

I love this screenshot! :D Look ma! I'm about to die~! Stunned, slept, gravity'ed, stunned, and two melees running at me! Heehee. I was standing there, unable to move, thinking to myself how hot that WAR was. *snicker* He's one of my favorite models.

Click the image for the whole conversation:

In the party Des and I were in, the idiot BLM was casting AM not just once per fight, but sometimes twice! And never once did his spell kill the mob, so then he (of course) got hate... Idiot. (The conversation could also be known as "Reason #2 why it's scary when a BLM flirts with you".)

And speaking of Sylf, he didn't believe that Ryu said she'd talk dirty to me!

She /shouted that she'd always be in my pants, so I asked her by /tell if that meant she'd marry me, she said no, so I replied that my heart was breaking, so she offered that instead. Hee!

While I'm spamming people with uncut images (sorry!), I made some big purchases over the last couple days. Uts-whatever:ichi (the shadow thing) for one million, and this:

Yay! Now I just need to level RDM three more levels so I can use it!

Just a really pretty shot of me fighting. I'd love to make it my desktop image, but I like the one I have at home better, and it'd be annoying to use it at work because then I'd have to explain too much. :/

And the last two are part of what caused me to head-desk all weekend: My NPC's outfit went from bad to worse! This is how it was at first: Gah! Where am I looking?! I was doing /disgust! I swear! and it actually got worse! *cry* We do NOT need to see naked upper inner thigh on any characters, let alone male ones! Look how the split in his tunic lets you get a peak right at his ... well, just look. Luckily now he's wearing better stuff.


Every Monday is really busy on the game, and tonight was no different: Since it was a holiday from work, I was able to take NIN from 6 -> 9, then we did Eco and Escort (got exactly 2K on DRK! Quarter of the way to 75! Yay!), got a RDM test for a LS friend, and leveled my NPC (he'll likely hit 50 tomorrow). zzzz
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