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Zzzzz (RL and Animal Crossing)

So many RL posts lately! (*gasp* Two of 'em!) I always feel like FFXI friends will be bored/annoyed at RL posts, RL/other LJ friends are probably sick to death of FFXI post, and who knows what's left for the HP LJ friends who still have me friended. :P

Thistle: Satisfying no one since 2003!

Unsurprisingly, I slept so so so badly last night. (Always happens the night of the first day back to work after a weekend or vacation.) Rolled around in bed for hours, unable to turn my brain off. (Poor kitty went and slept on the cold floor because I was moving so much. I think the last straw was when I kicked her in the head by mistake.) I got two, maybe three, hours of sleep last night, which is so totally not enough. Zzzzz.

I did have a cool dream though: I'm not into vampires, I don't drool over movies or books about them, but I had the sexiest dream about them last night. One of them had sucked my blood (which apparently meant we had some sort of connection forever after) but then he was killed, which left me mentally/emotionally unstable. Some other vampire came along and (even though they weren't supposed to feed on a human that some other vamp had taken) sucked my blood. Because I had been so messed up from losing the first guy, my connection to this second one was instant and amazingly strong. The connection was like having a well-worn teddybear or a warm fireplace in your mind, when everything else in your head was cold and dark. So very cool. :) (Even though the "connection" was that you were now the vamp's servent and he could make you do whatever he wanted, that felt perfectly fine. It was like having a wise and loving parent making all the decisions for you -- everything became easy and safe and all you had to do was trust and love and obey.)

As much as I love my exercise bike, it's not working out well. :( When I walked for exercise, I had to finish it. I couldn't get to the halfway point and stop, because I still had to walk home! With the bike in my living room, I can just say "Meh, I'm (insert excuse here)" and hop off early. I have to figure out what to do about that. (Basically it's going to come down to willpower, I suppose. Yo, Mr. Dream Vampire Guy, would you please make me stay on the damned bike? Love ya! Thanks!)

Animal Crossing: Nearly from day one, the game has annoyed me, and with each passing day it annoyed me more. But I don't stop playing games just because they're annoying! Otherwise I would have quit FFXI long ago! However, now I've accomplished nearly all of my goals, so I can stop doing the annoying stuff and just do what I like.

Finally, finally, I got my town perfect long enough to get a golden watering can, which meant I could now make my town the way I wanted it instead of how the game considered "perfect". I cut down tons of trees so I could make massive flower beds (yay crossbred flowers!). Amazingly my town is still considered perfect! That's so funny. (Also, I grew my first golden rose! Yay!)

How's this for irony: I finally got a foreign fruit. I hate hate hate picking and selling all my native fruit, because in no way is the money worth the time spent (but what other choice is there?) so from that one apple I replaced every single native fruit tree with foreign ones... and as soon as the project was finished, I stopped picking/selling fruit. :P It's boring, annoying, and not fun, and since I have three weeks of turnips to sell as soon as the price gets okay, I'm going to pay off my last house expansion that way.

I hate games like this, because even though it's not fun, I can't stop playing. There's tons of stuff to collect that I don't have! There's stuff to do that I haven't done! Stuff, stuff, stuff! Must collect stuff! Gotta catch 'em all! Mean ol' game makers target the poor obsessive folks like me. Luckily AC takes less than an hour per day to play, so at least it can't eat my head like FFXI has.
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