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Yet another post with the subject line 'Zzzz'. (FFXI and American Idol)

Nothing big or exciting tonight. Did the first step of that mine/harvest/log in three different zones NPC quest. Got NIN from 9 -> 12 and ate my however-you-spell-it (shadows) scroll. Now for the next day or three I'm going to synth a ton of shihei.

Put on my RDM AF to run around town in, and wiggled happily. I haven't worn it in way too many days (eh, or since Monday I guess, but it felt like a long time!) and was happy to see myself in it.

On soloing NIN: I made better XP/hour than I did in the vast majority of my XP parties over the last few months. 2K/hour is the best I ever see in XP parties, and I did slightly better than that soloing. (Just on EP-- to EP, too. 20-35 XP for something I can one-short or two-shot? {Yes, please!})


AI: Oh my god, that second-to-last guy, the one who sang Father Figure? Oh my god. Hottest thing I have seen on TV in a long, long time. Who cares if there were people who sang better than him, let him sing that song and just look at me. Oh my god. (And he was blushing at the end! So cute! *somehow resists saying 'oh my god' again*)

Last night there was some woman singer I liked (she had a deeper voice than most of the others), but I can't remember her name or what she sang.

And a note to the world in general: Could we bring back more of George Michael's music? I really enjoy it (and I dislike most music, so that's saying something).
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