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Headache and porn and FFXI, oh my!

RL has been somewhat annoying tonight: For some unknown reason, we keep losing electricity. No storms in the area, no wind, no rain, power just keeps going out. It's really rather shocking just how dark it is with no lights at all: no LCDs on any equipment, no glow of the microwave clock, none of the little electronic glows that keep my apartment from ever being pitch-black dark inside.

Oh top of that, I've had a headache for hours now. Darned sinuses; spring is here so the trees and grasses and flowers and all that are making it impossible to breathe. (I have an allergy med, but it does very little.)

Porn: I've not posted anything in ages and ages, and I promised some folks I'd put some up tonight. Problem is, one of the power outages closed all the windows I had opened, so I lost most of what I wanted to post. :/ So here's just one picture:

Not work safe! Naked guy! If you click the link and don't like what you see (a naked guy) don't say you weren't warned! To me, this picture is almost sweet because it's so dated: Last warning: Naked guy! Floppy male-part, ahoy! Even if the bandana is rather silly, I just love how he looks in those boots. Great smile, too.

So there, Sylf, happy now? There's a floppy penis just for you!


FFXI: Productive but boring night. Made 4 stacks and a few single toolbags of shihei, which should be twice as much as I need to get to NIN 37.

Did the second of three stages of the NPC 'excavate/harvest/chop wood in three places' quest. I'll be glad to finish it tomorrow, even though it'll take me 57437591753017501 years to get through the Glacier to that lake. For zero-sense-of-direction me, the Glacier is one of my toughest zones to deal with. Maybe the toughest one. (But hey, I'll have all night to do it! No other plans, other than to help Des get a NIN test.)

I finished the night with the Sandy leg of the Lure of the Wildcat (ToA) quest. I have no idea if we're supposed to do all the legs/cities, but I probably will just in case. Better to get it out of the way now before the expansion pack comes out than to wait and have to do it when there's new stuff to see and do.
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