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Pick a title, any title. (FFXI)

Edit: GIP! I can never get text on icons to look right, so I basically never make them (or they don't come out looking too nice), but I found a great tool that will let you add basic things that make an icon spiffy! Text, cropping, border, etc! And you can do it all online! I'm not totally happy with this icon, but the text makes it passable. :)


Biggest accomplishment of the day: BLM 32 -> BLM 34. It may have taken me ten hours of partying (to get, what, 11K? 12K? of XP), and put me in contact with the stupidest player on the entire server, but hey! Just three more levels until I never have to touch BLM again!

So I got invited to a party in the Desert. "Yay! Not GC!" I said to myself and hurried out. Party was okay (if not for the excessive lol'ing it would have been pretty good). Then I had to leave to go do Sandy mission 8.1 (yay!). After we finished, I put my BLM flag back up and got invited to the same party.

"Hey, they weren't too painful earlier so they shouldn't be too bad now, right?"

It pains me to say this, but why are 99.99999% of the DRKs out there such damned idiots? And I don't mean just stupid-level idiots, I mean the world would have been better off if they were tossed in a river at birth-level. Today's DRK was the worst of the worst.

The party was happily fighting beetles, but Dorr kept bitching and moaning wanting us to fight ... well, no one knew what he wanted us to fight. Perhaps he wanted us to battle random poundings of one's head against the keyboard; his spelling was that bad. No exaggeration: He was talking about dhalmels (which were, mind you, walking around right in front of us), yet he half the time he didn't even get the first letter of their names correct. Eventually he gave up and called them... Oh, see for yourself: We have those in this game?

He pulled a dhalmel while it was standing right next to another one. The PL (his RL brother, and yes, their lack of intelligence does run in the family) took one, but not before idiot DRK and the NIN died.

Idiot DRK kept blaming us for the death (ignoring that he was the one pulling). Once weakness wore and we could go back to fighting, what did he do? See for yourself! That's the exact position they were in when he "pulled"!

I put up with a hell of a lot of crap in these random XP parties, but this is the very first time I didn't bite my tongue. That was only the first line of my chewing him out. (I don't care that he died, but the NIN died again! Twice in two fights!) He then tried to insult us, saying he was a high level RDM (yet didn't know that "dinos" linked?) and that we didn't know how to party with a PL. Oh cry me a river, we knew how to play our jobs! He bragged about getting DRK from 1 -> 33 in three days, which is clearly why he has not the first clue about how to play it. Lord knows how he got RDM to 75...

The last party of my day was okay, even though oddly set up: PLD, RDM, RDM, SMN, DRK, BLM (me) -- everyone needed MP, yet we were too low level for the RDMs to have refresh. Amazingly it worked out okay for a few fights (just enough for me to ding), then the DRK puller kept bringing links back and the PLD died, bitched the party out, and HPed/disbanded.

I can't describe the headache I have.

On Sandy 8.1, this line amused me: Hee! No honor for us DRKs! (Ha ha, I typoed that as 'Ho honor for us DRKs'.) Yay for getting that done, and thanks to everyone for helping! Can't wait to do 8.2!

And last but far from least, happy happy happy! Gunnar is in a Tac. Magician's Coat! That's body armor #7, and my goal is #10, so we're getting there! And doesn't he look like the proper mage? (Luckily you can't see that his weapon is a great katana.) I'm just worried his armor will reset back to #1 before we finally hit #10. :/

Oh drat! I thought I got a screenshot of this, but I guess not. :( I spotted a mule named Idreamofthistle and I laughed and /shocked at it. "Thistle looks at Idreamofthistle, shocked!" Drat!
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