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Stalked by fried chicken...

I have the strangest dreams. Last night it was being in a company meeting surrounded by fried chicken. We always get lunch when we have a company-wide meeting, but in my dream it was fried chicken and nothing else. There I was, sitting in my chair and ready to listen, a mountain of of fried chicken on either side of me. (For some reason I thought there were 50 pieces in each stack, but the piles were nearly as tall as me when I was sitting, so there must have been more.) So very odd.


FFXI: Never much of anything to write about on Monday nights, thus I didn't!

- I did the gigas NM Fellowship NPC quest (*yawn* NPC NMs are so easy! I went as DRK/WHM because I wasn't sure if I'd need healing power, but it was such a joke! He couldn't hit me and I killed him in a couple swings).
- Attended the weekly LS Eco Warrior/Escort events (yay 2K XP for DRK!).
- Went off to XP my NPC (*shakes stupid Gunnar* None of his armor changed! His body is still on #8, and neither that nor his gloves upgraded even though I killed the max number of mobs!).
- Lastly and most importantly: I packed my bag and bought armor for XPing NIN! I've not had a single chance to play the job since eating my shadow-thingie scroll (*hides from Des*), but tonight I will! I know I shouldn't be doing this (I need three more BLM levels so I can sell off all my armor and free up space! I need space so badly! And it's just three more levels!) but I don't want to play BLM and I do want to play NIN. :( I have no idea where I'm going to store this armor when I need to do other things (it's all purchased with CP, so I don't want to just sell it on the AH... though I suppose I could, since I have so much CP).

I really need to make some decisions about in-game stuff. If I'm not going to do anything with DRK, I should mule off my excess armor... but the idea of that makes me so sad. It's like putting a final stamp on things. :/ At the very least, I suppose I should store my DRK AF. But also: If I'm not going to do the solo DRK ENM anymore, I should darned well mule away my 50 cap stuff (but if I do do that, then I will never do the ENM again. I haven't done it lately because I don't want to mule 20 hi-pots over. If I need to mule armor and hi-pots then I'll really never do it!) I suppose I could/should move DRK food, too (why do I need to keep so much sushi of so many different types on hand? XPing sushi, skilling sushi, BC sushi...).

If I moved all but the minimum DRK stuff, then I could keep NIN armor on me without space issues...

I suppose I should mule away my capped RDM stuff too, since I only need that once a week.

Life sure was easier when I only played one job. :D
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