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Yay ninja, yay Gunnar (FFXI)

Ninja is such an odd job. Never once did I do impressive damage numbers (DoT? *scoff!*), yet I may just be in love with the job. I went from 12 -> 14 tonight, and made over 2K an hour -- better than my usual party XP. Not to mention, in three to four hours of XPing, I had almost no downtime. It felt like I was being PLed.

I actually thought about how I would look in the AF, which is... bad! Bad Thistle, bad! No more AF for you!

But man, I think I like the job quite a bit.

Very, very odd.

In just as good news: Gunnar is now wearing an Austere Robe! Body armor #9! One more upgrade will put him in a Noble's Tunic! I'm so so so worried he'll reset back to the beginning. Secondary worry is that he'll make no changes or change only his hand armor before Windy loses control of the Meadows/Coast (but this is much less of a worry, since I could probably be able to find some Windy-controlled area with mobs that drop water crystals).

No screenshots of Gunnar since austere is one of the ugliest armors in the game.

*crosses fingers for screenshots of him in noble's soon*
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