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Fast cast! Eh, post! (FFXI)

Quickie post because it's late and I think I'm getting sick. Hurts to swallow. :(

The day started out horrible (two hours in the Dunes put me at negative XP), but it all ended well!

Horrible party first: Amazingly, it had seemed like a good party! Almost everyone was rank 5 or over, two NINs (me and another one), BRD.

Puller (who just happened to be a DRK 9.9) : What should I pull?
Party: Crabs.
Puller: lol crabs would give gay xp lol lol lol lets do pugs or gobs! lol lol lol
Party: Pugs and gobs would eat us alive, get a crab.
Puller: lol gob incoming!
Gob: Heh heh heh! *drops bomb*
Party: *dies*
Puller: lol so funny!
WHM: *HPs, disbands, logs out*
Party: *disbands*
Thistle: *throws himself on his own sword*

As if that wasn't bad enough, one of the mages somehow mis-cast onto a nearby pug while we were all dying.
What the hell does this mean? (He corrected "cas" to "cast" in the next line, but still: Buh?)

After that I sent an hour and a half seeking (WTF? When yesterday I was getting four invites an hour while not seeking). I was about to give up when the NIN from the earlier party invited me. It was so amazingly crazy! We bounced hate back and forth, which mostly worked out well (he died once, poor fellow). The job requires way too much attention though, I can't talk on LS (or even read it, mostly), can't listen to the TV (let alone glance at it now and then). Fun, but way too crazy.

However... once I was done partying, I upgraded all my armor. Nearly everything I bought is HQ (one HQed piece I wanted wasn't for sale anywhere, and I failed to HQ it myself), and now I'm swimming in +eva. Hopefully that'll help! :D I do like the job a lot, it's just that tanking takes a ton of energy and even more attention. Can't wait to try it again. :D

And in there somewhere I XPed my NPC. He hit 53! But best of all: Gunnar is finally in a Noble's Tunic! Eee! Doesn't it look good? One of the best body armors for mages, and I have it for my NPC! I locked the body slot, I just hope it doesn't somehow come unlocked on its own.

Ha ha, I always fail at making short/quick posts. I should give up on trying. :P
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