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There's a tiger in your tunic! (FFXI)

I never explained why I worked so hard to get Gunnar into a Noble's Tunic, but since that would also explain this post, here goes! I think it's the most beautiful armor on the game, but I'll never be able to wear it myself. Thistle =/= white mage! So getting it for my NPC was the next best thing.

So this morning I was staring at the screenshot of him in Noble's and I noticed something. The front of the tunic has a big cat's face on it! I never saw that before!

(Forgive my poor tracing, it's hard to do with a mouse.) The image is small here, but click on the screenshot above to see how big the face is on the tunic.

Now that I've seen that, I can't un-see it.

There are tigers on mage-tummies!

Edit: *cackles* Today's Level Up comic is rather fitting. Love that comic, love Fellowship NPC humor. :D
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