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On work nights I get 5 hours sleep. On the weekend I tend towards 5-6. Last night I slept 10 hours. I can't remember the last time I slept that long. (Back when I was a teenager? Sometime in college?) On one hand it was surprising (and felt like such a waste) but on the other hand I needed it. I'm feeling less under the weather today, but still really tired.

I wasn't going to deal with BLM today, I was just going to have fun, but those plans flew out the window. I wanted to get BLM off my back, so I put up my flag. Three hours (and three parties) later, I had made a grand total of 600 XP. The longest of those three parties lasted for three fights, and all three of them shifted back and forth between GC and CN at least twice. I was ready to kill people. (In the last one, the leader had the balls to bitch about how poorly the party was working. He was the one who put it together! Picked the jobs/levels/ranks of the people! It was his responsibility! Grrr.)

The next party went out to the Desert and was at least workable. We even had a PL for an hour or so, but I wasn't upset. (Just wanted to get BLM done done done done, whatever it took.) When the party broke up I was 1K to 36. I wanted dinner and was tired, but I decided to push on and finish it.

No tanks/healers were seeking, so every time (all six times) I got invites I asked them if they had a tank and healer already. None did, not one single one. Why would you waste everyone's time if you don't at least have the minimum parts of a party? Then twice I got invited out to GC to replace someone... and twice I arrived at GC to find the party had disbanded. *SIGH*

Then another party at GC got me 37. So what if the NIN did not believe in using Provoke. So what if the WHM almost died on his many many many attempts to make the short trip to camp. Who cares! BLM 37! Now I never, ever have to touch the job again. Thank god. Of all the jobs I've leveled, I've never leveled one so boring as that. Ever. To keep myself awake I typed out (without using tab!) all the spell names I was casting. That was my entertainment.

10 hours.
3 levels.
No More BLM! Ever! YAY!
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