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Good day with a bitter ending (FFXI)

Sundays are turning out to be really nice days. At 3 Team Buffalo Soldiers (I'll never give up that name, so ha! ;) ) does the tactics pearl/Promy quest. Our goal is to get up to the third floor for max XP. We didn't make it this week, but I'm pretty sure we'll make it next week. Then the trick will be making sure we get 30 kills plus hitting the ??? on the third floor. Also, I got the key item for the Mea Promy map, so, um, ha ha. I need to get up to the fourth floor to use it. Ha. Maybe when some Promy group goes I can tag along.

After that we went to farm buffalo for meat (for Ead's cooking) and XP for NPCs. All three XPs dingled once, Gunnar hitting 54! Woo! (He got a new hat and a weapon upgrade, too. Yay! Next he should get the third armor lock!)

The 3 PM start time means I can't get involved in anything too big, which is nice. I farm/watch TV (mostly watch TV) and just relax. Makes for a nice day.

Unfortunately today ended on a rather annoying note: A person from TheCraft contacted me, asking me to do some synths for him. I said sure. Since I'm kind of, sort of a member, I didn't tell him there would be a fee for it. (I had a pearl at once point, but I only popped onto the LS once, two years ago. I don't have access to the "private" section of the LS message board, which is fine. I'm not really an active member or anything. I really wouldn't consider myself much of a member at all, period.) "Some synths" turned into 40 synths. "Some synths" turned into standing around and waiting for him to get this or that, and to hold this or that for him. An hour and a half total time spent helping, and did I get a tip? Nope. I got a "thx" and that's it. *growl* You'd think a crafter would act better than that. An hour and a half of my time, for nothing. (No, I don't need the money, but it's the thought (or lack of it) that counts.)

I should have known it would go like that when he insulted my armor. My DRK armor. My every-piece-HQed-that-can-be-HQed armor. "lol its not that expensive lol". Well duh, if you don't pay or tip the crafter to HQ it for you, then sure it won't be that expensive! *grumble*

Oh, and lastly. Heehee, Ead's been hanging around the NPCs too long. ;)

*snicker* Sorry Ead. :D
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