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RL first:

1) I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these United Airline commercials. Especially the man who flies off to some foreign land and fights a dragon, but also the woman holding the tele-conference meeting in which all the businessmen turn into animals. I love the "animation" style of them, and I love the stories they tell. If all commercials were like these, I'd happily watch them multiple times. (I don't even do this for shows, but when the dragon commercial is on, I stop what I'm doing and watch it. With shows, I only listen as I look at the computer.)


Because I wanted to get away from the computer for a while, I decided to make the "cheese toast". (Basically the cold mac&cheese from the other night, sliced, breaded, and deep fried.)

Since I won't deep fry things (plus that's not even good for you), I decided to use a pan with butter in it (more butter than I'd usually use).

My first puzzle made me laugh: I've never breaded anything before, so I was at something of a loss for exactly how to do it. Luckily I've seen tons of cooking shows, so I just tried it. Took the sliced m&c, dipped it in milk, dipped it into breadcrumbs, put in frying pan. Amazingly, that seemed to work!

If nothing else, tonight's cooking taught me one thing: Anything, when fried in enough butter, will taste okay. :P The breadcrumbs were odd (they were Italian style, which I now guess means they had Italian spices in them, so they were kind of garlic-y). Mostly I tasted something fried with a bit of a garlic taste. Didn't taste like mac&cheese, didn't taste like the strong cheese flavor which had overpowered it the other night.

It tasted okay when I was eating it (in very small amounts), but once I was done I felt awful: Even not deep fried, it was too greasy and blechy.

Oh well! I tried! :)

FFXI: I'm going to try very hard not to let the second part of the night color the first part of the night. I am totally and 100% exhausted, and really really tired of seeing the game. I should have logged off earlier, but I pushed on and XPed my NPC (one full charge and the XP text message didn't even change, grr). By the time he reached his limit of kills, I was at the point of wanting nothing more than to never see the game again. So very tired.

But! The first part of the night was really good, if rather exhausting. Partied on NIN, got from 20 -> 22 in about three hours. Had a surprisingly fun and effective party with turlos (as a BRD). Everyone in the party was rank 5 or higher, other than the rank 1 WHM (but even she seemed okay, other than her love of casting stone). The only very small problem was that the darned Taru WAR wouldn't voke off me when my shadows were down. I reminded him multiple times and even threatened to replace him in the party. (Finally the THF and MNK were voking it off me and the WAR left the party.)

The THF was really really cute. A JP fellow who spoke a little English and tried very hard. (Oh, he was rank 2, I forgot.) He was so sweet, it made me really happy to be able to party with him. I can't imagine trying to play and communicate in a language you can hardly understand.

Oh, and duh! I almost forgot! In all my years of playing (all two of them!) I never, ever saw this happen before:

Four of us leveled up at once! Wish I had taken a screenshot of all the 'level up' messages, but I was laughing and grinning and boggling and too surprised to catch it.

So tomorrow night: NO NIN LEVELING! None! I did enjoy it, and it was fun, but I'm so very tired. Maybe we'll level NPCs tomorrow, maybe I'll farm, maybe I'll hang out in Jeuno and hit on random bearded men, who knows! But whatever I do, no XPing!
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