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Touched (FFXI)

I'm feeling a lot better than last night, less stressed (though unfortunately no less exhausted). If I needed a last bump to get over last night's too-much-FFXI feeling, it was this post on the FFXI comm this morning:

Moments later, somebody rolls by on his Chocobo and does a /wave. I sorta recognize the name, but dunno from where, so I do a tell {/wave} in return.

A second later, he asks {Paladin} {Do you have it?}. And I'm like, "56PLD", shortened because I wasn't sure if he was English and I was also engaged in a Goblin battle. And he says, "I think you helped me find the San d'Oria PLD NPC a long time ago".

I think for a moment. I've probably done so a ton of times - I couldn't remember them all.
"Did I? Cool. Your name does sound familiar". And he says "Well, I'm lv75 now with AF2, and I just wanted to say {Thank you} for helping me."

For a moment, I was stunned. I thought it was incredible that somebody would remember something like that after accomplishing so much. Level 75 with Relic? Why would he remember the loser who helped him find the NPC?

We talked for a moment, and I told him that I was stuck on AF, and that PLD was still the only job for me. He said, "Well maybe I can help". After some more talk, he has a group of 75s ready to help me on Sunday with at least one of my two remaining pieces.

On Monday I had been running through the Canyon, headed to Bubu to outpost teleport home. Some guy was near the zoneline healing, and as I passed he sent me a /tell asking me where Windy was. At first I was going to just /telled him directions, then I did a search of his name and saw he was low level and rank one, so instead I formed a party with him and took him to Windy myself. We killed a few things on the way to get quest items for him.

It was nice to be able to help him not just to help him, but so that hopefully the experience will stick with him. Not that I helped him, but that someone did. (I don't need credit for it, unfortunately if he /telled me a month from now I wouldn't even remember his name. Heck, I don't remember it now...) Hopefully one day he'll be bigger and then he'll help someone small and new.

I'm almost looking forward to the flood of new X-Box players, just so that there will be more chances to help people. :}
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