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Yay nice day! (FFXI and tiny little RL)

RL: Got taxes done! Yay! So happy to have them done and out of the way! Getting $400 back on Federal (usually I get around $370, so no big difference) and have to pay about $60 in State (about average). But who cares about the money, they're done! (Eh, okay, I like the money too. :P )


FFXI: Nice nice nice relaxing good day. Started out by farming (to make up for buying manticore hair to make NIN tools). Got 36 water clusters, 9 beastman bloods, 5 silk threads, 1 tree cutting, and assorted other things. In other words: Way more than the three hairs I bought. :P

After that Team Buffalo Soldiers (ha ha ha!) went out XPing/farming buffalo. Ead's and my NPCs dinged twice! (Gunnar hit 56! Yay!) and Des's leveled up once.

Sometimes bad situations turn into good ones: Two idiots came and camped on top of us, so we moved to a new camp... and got a NM because of that! Bonnacon! Run, Ead! (Why isn't his name Bonnacow? It should be!) The drops weren't outstanding, but a hide is nice. (We got four hides tonight, very unusual!)

This last image I left full size, so you could see the details. Because I'm sure you want to see the details on this one. c.c Because I'm /THF, I stand behind the mob all the time. As such, I've gotten to stare at the "under the tail" area of buffalos way, way, way too much. Was it really necessary to add this sort of detail to the mob? And..... I guess that's a female buffalo, looking at the two V's below the dark spot.

I really, really, really never wanted to see that sort of thing on a mob.
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