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This is an odd question, but I'm sort of out of the loop. Where do most of you get the books you read? Do you buy them or get them at the library?

I've gone back to my old ways and I'm flying through books. Luckily I brought a lot of them with me from NY, but I've read them all already... I could just keep buying new ones from Amazon, but... I balk at the prices. I hate to sound cheap, but I remember when a paperback book costs $1.95 on average. I recall when the price went up to $2.95 it still seemed fair. $3.95 worried me, how much higher would it go? At $4.95 I was already digging my heels in and heading to the library more. $5.95 seemed impossible to believe. Why would anyone pay $6 for a throwaway book? Now we're up to, what, $7.95 for most paperbacks? And $20+ for hardcovers? *sigh*

I'm not opposed to buying books (especially since I have no idea where the library is around here and I like owning books that I liked), but is there a better way? What do those of you who tear through books do? (I'm somehow finishing averaged sized books in about a week. Where's the time come from? Sleep, I suppose.)
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