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Anime and FFXI

I had 10 eps of Bleach downloaded and waiting to be watched, so since I had a ton of downtime on FFXI, I logged off to watch them. The first few were really, really great (end of the arc), but then we got into what must have been filler eps. Just one 20 minute ep crawled by -- it felt like it lasted hours. I don't know when/if I'll get the rest watched.

I'm rather annoyed that CN won't be showing Naruto eps for another month. Sure Miyazaki movies rock every sock in the world, but why not play them in place of crap? Such as the live action movies that Cartoon Network has been showing? And I've seen all the movies multiple times and I've not seen the dubbed Naruto, so I'd rather have the new stuff. :/ I have copies of all these movies, I could watch them any time I wanted...


FFXI: This fan-made video won third place at the fest this weekend. It's very nicely done! (Warning: It does contain image spoilers for CoP, including a picture or two of at least one boss and one big BC near the end of CoP. I wasn't bothered by seeing it, but if you want to stay 100% spoiler free, don't watch the video. First and second place in the contest was taken by that Recollection one; don't ask me how one video could take both first and second place, but Recollection fully deserved both. (It's that really, really long one with all the jobs in it, the 'You are important, you matter' one. I still watch that all the time, and it still makes my eyes moist even though I know it so well.)

The day was nice, but I had too much downtime: The morning/early afternoon was spent panty hunting, killing some CoP NMs for folks, and then hate-clearing. Very fun, but after that I had nothing planned to do and nothing I really wanted to do. (I pondered XPing something, but my stomach wasn't happy and I didn't want to get into a situation where I couldn't go AFK freely.)

Happily I got two panties/subligars! RDM (which I had been going for) and NIN (which I'll hopefully be able to use some day soon). I traded both in tonight and then stuck them onto my mannequins:

DRK, RDM, and NIN level 50 JSE. It made me snicker when I noticed that size order of the mannequins matched my job levels: DRK -> RDM -> NIN.

As a joke, I tried my RDM subligar on before turning them in: Hello, I'm Thistle and I'll be your manwhore tonight. I look like I should be sitting on mens' laps and getting dollar bills tucked into my clothing.
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