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Yo, gamers! Help!

Luckily I have lots of gamers on my flist, probably more gamers than any other group. "Luckily" because I have a question!

I've bought very, very few games in my life, and time has never really been a big issue. For once it is. I want to get a game (expansion pack) as early as possible. What's the fastest way to get a game? Call around to various gaming shops on the day it's shipped and see who gets it first? Or is there one gaming chain that tends to get it earlier than others?

There's no way to order things directly from, um, somewhere, right? So I couldn't overnight it from an importing company or something?

The shipping date is the 18th of April, but I guess that's the date it's shipping from Japan. :/

Edit: Rarrr. Ordered from EBGames, "next day air" (overnighting, I guess? That was the fastest option).
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