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Screenshots... and icons?!

Ack! Thanks to the new LJ program thingie, I now have 136 icon spaces. o.O I only have 52 icons, I had no hopes of filling up 100 spaces, now I have 136 and a new space every month. Ha ha ha. Sheesh. I feel silly for not using all my spaces, but... 136 icons! That's insane!


loneguardian found this screenshot of a mob from the new FFXI expansion pack:

Eeee! So cute! I want one!

And while I was poking through the site, I found this image: Oh my god, so hot! I want one! Beardy humes ftw! (And man, aren't his arm muscles bigger than normal?) *drool* That armor is a little odd, but I like it a lot. A whole lot. Guess it will be COR armor? Mmmmmmmmm, so nice.

This armor on the other hand, looks horrible. Oh my god, I don't know what horrible part to comment on first. What's that on his head? What's with the poofy sleeves (and ribbons?!)? And hello, Mr. Elf! Nice shoes you got there! And worst of all, it's on the bald hume model. Blech. Maybe, maybe that might look okay on a mithra, but bald hume? {No thanks!}

Edit: Never again will we be able to use the term "condom hat" for anything but these...
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