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Worst Night Ever (FFXI)

I can't think of a worse night than this in the history of my playing this stupid game. Warning for cursing, because no other words fit my current feelings.

Came home from work, hungry and stressed out of my mind. Wanted to XP NIN, needed to craft and farm some stuff. Since Ead and I are duoing NIN, it took about an hour to get an invite (we had to pass up three invites for a solo NIN). Finally someone wants both of us, so we head out... and a call for an O-Hat run went out.

Ead needs and deserves a hat, so we apologized and left the party without ever having had even one fight.

The group gathered. /shouts ring through Jeuno looking for members. 'WTF? I thought this was a LS party? Oh well, maybe they're just filling out their ranks...'. Eventually we get 18 folks, and a couple things strike me off the bat.

In the party there's:
2 BLMs

{Hmmm.} Three stunners total (me=DRK) and one WHM.

The idiots in my party had no clue which way the camp was, yet ran off randomly. People aggroed multiple times.

Four people had no items to sneak/invisible. They asked to buy/borrow powder and oil deep in the belly of Temple Ugh.

The tanks were 2 NIN tanks. Fight #1: With Hakutaku's life about 20% down I make the mistake of using a WS. I got hate and died. I forgot how damned much I hate working with NIN tanks.

Fight #2: Full wipe. Some poor really nice JP player lost his cluster again. (He lost one last night, too.) Death #2 for me.

Fight #3: People from my LS (Beanie, Nif, Sylf) show up. Fucking idiot who won the random didn't want to wait for them. "They're in the zone lol let's do this!!!". Not to mention, he wanted to do it with no WHM. (The WHM DCed, but he said Ead/RDM could be main healer!) People made him wait, but as soon as Beanie/Nif/Sylf arrived on the scene, he traded. Poor Nif/PLD didn't even have a chance to eat food or get buffs. He was the first to die (I think?). Sylf/WHM died at least twice. Ead and I died again. Death #3 for me.

Three deaths on DRK! Three! Gah! (I could kiss every WHM who owns R3.) Five hours spent doing this crap. No dinner tonight. Relaxation? HA HA HA HA. Just the opposite: I'm actually so angry/annoyed that I can hardly breathe. Sleep tonight? Ha fucking ha.

XPing with random idiots is bad enough. Going on an o-hat run with them is so fucking insane. Sorry Ead, but unless we get a group in which the majority (if not all) the people are known LS people (our LS or a few trusted ones), there's no way I'm doing this again.

I can't even put into words how pissed/stressed/angry I am. Working with fucking random idiots on something this important...

(The only, only plus side to this is that Ead didn't lose his cluster. Lord knows when he'll get to use it, but at least he still has it.)
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