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Book and FFXI (RL then FFXI)

Yay, new icon! I need to edit it a little when I get home. I want to add 'Unf!' to it. Heehee.

Okay, since I'll never talk about that second book if I wait till my usual nighttime post (I only have time to rush some FFXI stuff out then), I'll do it now!

A few months ago I saw a movie called Riverworld. I loved the plot: people die in the real world and are resurrected along a river. People of all time periods. Everyone's reborn naked, healthy, and of about 25 years of age. I goggled it once it was finished, and found out that it was based on a series of books (by Philip Jose Farmer), so I ran right out and bought them.

It wasn't until many months later that I started reading them, and boy was I disappointed. I knew the books would be nothing like the movie, but hey, even if the basic ideas remained the same I should still enjoy the tale!

WRONG-O. I learned a lesson: No matter how good the story is, no matter how much potential an idea has, if the main character is utterly unlikeable, how can you enjoy the story?

Book #1's main character was the type of person I would avoid like the plague in RL. He wasn't unlikeable because he had faults (it's a good thing to have faults in a character!), it was his personality that was so unpleasant.

I was happy to see that Book #2 was about totally different people. Yay! No more unlikeable main character! But the main character in book 2 was actually worse. Ugh.

And worse than that, the other main character in book 2 talked in an lisp and an accent. The writer typed both out. The results were something like this:

"Tham, ah thee tha thu don't apprethiate tha ah can thee that he distunithests..."

I wish I had the book with me, because the actual text was actually worse than that. A main character in the book, one who talked a lot, and his dialogue was nearly impossible to read. (I gave up trying after the first chapter.)

If that wasn't enough, the books aren't believable at all: The only tools these people have are ones made out of flint. When a meteor falls to earth, they make a riverboat (three stories tall! Sonar! Electric power! TV!) out of it. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over?

The reason I'm boggling over this and not just tossing them aside as bad books is that this guy won many awards for this series. Hugo award and others. I don't understand it, not one little bit.

Luckily I have only one more left to read (there are more in the series, but I own just the first three), then I can toss them all out.


FFXI: It's such a good thing that I LJ post after logging off, it gets things out of my system. Happily I settled down after ranting/posting and actually was able to sleep last night.

Somehow I succeeded in pulling a muscle in my leg while playing last night. o.O I guess I was so tense for so long, it must have kinked up. Hurts like heck to walk (it's directly behind my ankle).

Tonight and Saturday I will be doing NOTHING. Or rather, nothing stressful or hard. No XPing. Not helping with anything which requires sneaking/invisibling. Nothing.

I have a crapload of crafting I need and want to do, and I need to do some farming along with that. (Maybe mining too, but I might just buy zinc instead. I hate mining.) I also want to work on skilling throwing (will do it as RDM with darts, they get a F in throwing, but that's still good enough for now.)

And two things I must do:

1) Call out my NPC and see the GK I spent 700K on. He's had it for two days now and I haven't even seen it yet. Bitch, I paid a lot of money for that weapon, I want to see it! You will show it to me! Tonight!
2) I might solo a mob or two as NIN, because I just got a gun and I was dying to use it last night (but instead of getting to use it I was just dying! Haw haw haw). I really want to see how it works and how much damage it does.
3) Related to #1: Must use up the charges on my tactics pearl. Not to mention the main pearl, which I haven't used in days...

I really, really, really want to XP NIN, but I have no idea when I'll get a chance to. I'm betting Tuesday will be my first chance. Maybe starting Tuesday I'll XP NIN every day and not stop until I get this out of my system...
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