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Yay better night (FFXi + Dr. Who)

I was going to log off early, but the new Dr. Who series started on SciFi channel, so I stuck around an extra hour to watch it. Ha ha ha ha ha. *dies* I can only guess (and hope) that they were trying to duplicate the series from the 70s (80s?). The effects sucked ass, the plot wasn't the least bit believable, and oh nos! Mannequins come to life and attacking people! (Not to mention, rather heavy accents. I actually had to pay attention if I wanted to understand what they were saying.) I didn't even bother watching the last 10 minutes of it. It's really too bad that SGA was pushed back two hours for Dr Who. Hope that will not be a regular thing, because this new series is just awful.

FFXI: Nice relaxing productive day! Yay!

I did a small part of the crafting that's waiting for me (bullets: skilling goldsmithing (got two levels!), plus I can use them, plus I make a profit selling them. All sold in a couple hours). I have to do way more crafting and a lot of farming tomorrow. Plus: More bullets!

After that I went out to skill throwing some (want it for NIN). Went from level 6 -> 20 in under an hour. (I wasn't in the best area or on the best job for it.) Hopefully will work on it more tomorrow.

Then I went out to XP NPC. Eee, his new great katana looks so so so sexy! It looks like a really, really long knife. :D (And what in the world are the Gigas and Bugard plotting back there? o.O ) He also got his final head armor upgrade, which means that other than hitting 65, he's 100% done. That's cool but sort of sad, too. (And annoying: Two charges used, full kills on both, and he didn't change an XP message. He's been on the same XP message for four charges now.)

A screenshot from last night's O-Hat fights. I like this shot because you can see all the important people from the night: Thousand is the nice (poor) JP SAM who lost two clusters in two days, Sacsac is the idiot who wanted to do the fight with no WHM and then traded before the PLD was buffed, Bigdax was the "leader" of the event (and the only person who successfully got a hat -- won the /random on the only fight we won on), Momo was the only WHM for the first two fights (and the only one with horrible connection problems). And of course: dead me. I suspect that's from the first (successful) fight, since on both of the others most people fell into yellow HP right off the bat...
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