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Getting up at 6:30 AM on a weekend just shouldn't be permitted. The sun is rising earlier, and when my room gets even a little bright I wake up. Once I'm awake, I'm awake -- there's no going back to sleep. zzzzz

However, getting up at 6:30 and getting online soon after is probably the only thing that let me get all my on-game work done today. 15 hours of farming and crafting, all of it just stuff I had to do. Blarg. But at least I got stuff done that needed doing, plus made a little more space on the mules.

Oh so funny: I used to farm beastman blood because I was bored and it was good money. I could get a stack or two in two hours. Today I needed it (and needed a lot of it!) and got four single pieces in two hours. Then when I went to synth it (me being 20 levels over cap) I lost three of them! Thankfully I had had nine bloods on a mule waiting to be sold, and nice Bara sent me three he had. I went out twice more farming today (once as THF to try to skill throwing at the same time -- that didn't work out at all), but still didn't end up with nearly as much blood as I wanted/needed. Oh well, it'll have to be enough.

Amusing side-trip on that: It was suggested that maybe the drop rate from bats in Bos-whatever O-whatever (that prison under Sandy) would have better drop rates on blood, so I merrily trotted off to check it out. Sneak/invisible? Warp object? Who needs it! I was planning to sit at the zoneline and try it, and if it didn't work out I'd just turn around and leave.

...ha ha ha. One-way exit into the place. EP to DC stuff between me and the far exit. Ha ha ha...

I tried killing the first bat in my way (EP) and it took me down to a fifth of my life even after I 2hred. I tell you, I'm really, really getting tired of DRK. RDM can handle EPs as if they were TW, yet DRK nearly gets killed by them. (Not to mention I can sneak, invisible, warp, and escape naturally on RDM...) Luckily a pair of JP folks were XPing their NPCs in there, so I called mine out and asked them if I could join them. In their company, I made it to the exit! I was totally expecting to take a death and HPing, which would have been deserved because it was me who got myself into that situation.

Other than that, helped out on the 5.1 nation mission (we set the record!), but had to bow out of 5.2 due to lack of free time. XPed Gunnar (he's looking so spiffy!). Made 473217037401 bullets and got goldsmithing up to 16.

Gunnar's new helm! I think that's how he'll look forever (other than that I can't lock his foot armor). I like the helm with the oufit, it makes him look serious even though he's wearing silly WHM armor. ;)

For LS people: this is the splurting thing I mentioned in Pashow Marshlands. Shorter than me, the water splurted out of one of those holes every 10 seconds or so. I circled it because it was a little hard to see.

Unfortunately tomorrow is going to be even busier than today. While I'd really, really like to sleep in, I wouldn't mind getting up that early again, just so I can get stuff done before the busy LS stuff starts. AF3 fight, weapon NM fight x2, 5-7 KS30 runs, NPC Promy, NPC XPing. I'm tired already. :P
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