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Another zzzz day (FFXI)

Holy cow, this has been a busy weekend. Busy is good, it's just hard to go to work Monday morning after being exhausted by the weekend.

First, a picture for fealu_bryne! I took a screenshot of one of my macro bars so you could see it. The picture behind it sucks, but this is half of my DRK macros. When I hold ctrl down, I see that. Ctrl-1 locks me onto a mob the party is about to attack, ctrl-2 triggers my Sneak Attack ability, ctrl-3 lets me Steal, ctrl-4 sets my search comment for when I seek parties, etc. I also have a set on alt for DRK (Dark Knight, my highest job). I have a ctrl/alt set for red mage, for ninja, and for other assorted jobs.

Anyway, on to the day! Started out doing DRG AF3 for two people, a total success. While we were there, we killed Death From Above twice for Hornetneedles (one for me, yay!). Then we went off to do our KS30 runs, but unfortunately without our usual tank (he was having bad connection problems). We didn't do as well as we usually do (we lost one out of four runs) and didn't do as many runs as we usually do, but I didn't die and so I call that a success. Got two of those boots that sell for multi-million, plus one of those ingots that goes into a Hauby (~6M), plus a few million in other stuff. Nice money.

Then came the fun part of the day! Team Des Hates Our Name went off to do NPC Promy (killing strays worked out really well), and then XPed/farmed in a new area: Bostaunieux Oubliette! That is so totally the best place to XP NPCs! Nearly as much XP as killing buffalo (I was getting less than 5 XP less per kill), but the kills were easily four times as fast, so we killed a lot more. Plus kindred seals dropped so fast! Yay! Also, so much easier to get to than buffalo. Really, a total success. Gunnar hit 58 and is halfway to 59! I made 1K XP on DRK! Woo!

These screenshots are a little unfair to Des. He held hate well, but doggy butts don't make for good pictures, so most of these are when I snatched hate for a bit. :)

Undead hounds are some of the coolest looking mobs! I love how they move! (Eh, too bad you can't see them in action in a screenshot.) Heehee. Firebreathing dogs ftw! Or ftbbq?

You can tell a lot about a game's graphics by looking at fire. I love FFXI's fire, it looks so realistic! This is me getting a really close up view of it. :P

The Howling. Yes, we did fight more than hounds. Really. Seriously!

Oops, I almost forgot: This thead had me laughing out loud on every page. A bunch of different forum sigs, all in the "i" format. iLFP, iDRG, iCYBER, etc. Very very funny stuff.
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