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Bah! (FFXI)

For some unknown reason, sometimes screenshots don't get saved. gbeans (MNK) said to me something along the lines of "MNK just stick their hands right in there and get the job done", and I thought I hit the screenshot button, but nothing saved. Bah! So much for blackmail. :P

Ding RDM 63! Yay! Two parties, both all JP other than me (*boggle* I never get invited to JP-only parties on any other job). First one rocked but had a bad ending, second one was pretty rough but had a good ending.

First one was a perfect setup: NIN tank, SMN for healing, all melees (RNG, SAM, WAR) were /NIN. In three hours, we didn't have one single moment of downtime. There was only one other party there, so we had all the pulls we wanted. XP flew in... until a bomb spawned. I never saw one in Bibiki Bay before. :/ It aggroed and everyone died except me, then almost everyone disbanded or logged without saying a word. The leader (who spoke a little English) told me the party was disbanding. I sort of got that clue before he told me. :P

Second party was the total opposite: NIN tank (yay!), RDM/WHM (one would think for healing...), RDM/BLM (me), BLM/WHM, and three melees (none /NIN). Even with only three mages and two of us able to refresh, after each fight we had no MP. The NIN tank was 3-4 levels below everyone else and couldn't keep hate off the (hasted) Galka MNK three levels higher than him (duh). Was very rough, but they were really really nice people. The BLM /telled me "{Thank you!}^^" every single time I refreshed him... and I was his refresher so he must have thanked me a few hundred times. I hasted the NIN and MNK, and both /bow'ed or thanked me each time. Was rather odd. (I'm glad they were happy, but I was just doing my job...) Only downside was that I was doing much of the healing (for some reason the RDM/WHM was nuking/MBing, even though we had a BLM.).

Very very very tired now. zzzz NIN tanking with Ead tomorrow! Yay!
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