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Yay (for Luna Bars) and continuing blarg (RL, FFX)

Tivo captured an ep of Good Eats, and since I had so much time (see below) I watched it tonight. Amazingly, it was about power bars and protein bars! My first thought was 'Eee! I want to try to make my own!', but quickly that turned to 'WTF? Ha ha ha, never ever going to try this'. There were way way too many ingredients (seriously, they had like 10 things in them, and I haven't ever seen 9 of them in the grocery store). But! The good part was that he compared the nutritional information on the ones he made to various store-bought power bars and protein bars, and while of course his came out better, I checked them against a Luna Bar and Luna is almost as good as his! A tad more sodium (his had 90mg and Luna has 120) and like 20 more calories, but while he claimed that all protein/power bars taste like crap, Luna ones are seriously yummy. I could (and do, on really bad days) eat them like a candy bar.

Another of his claims was that store-bought bars are very very expensive. I'd strongly argue that point for a number of reasons. 1) $1 to $1.50 is not expensive. Maybe compared to a candy bar it is, but I use these in place of meals. $1.50 for breakfast? You couldn't beat that even with the cheapest fast food (I think). 2) He claimed his bars came to five cents per serving. That may be the case if you own flax seeds, sunflower seeds, assorted bran... things, and such stuff. I'd have to buy containers/packages all of that. 3) Hello, my time is worth money. Know how long it would take to shop, cook, and then clean the kitchen?

So yay for Luna bars! They're yummy, protein-packed friends you can eat!


That was about the grand total of the good parts of the day. I was starving when I left work, I really really really wanted to stop and get dinner, but instead I went home and logged onto FFXI to XP RDM. At first things seemed amazingly good: In nine minutes, I got five invites! I accepted the last one and trotted off to the Tree... only to find they had replaced me. Buh? I was standing at the outpost teleport guy when they asked me, I outposted right out and ran to the Tree, and in that time they were impatient enough to replace me. Grrrrrrr.

So I warped back to Jeuno and waited. And waited. And waited. Seeking on RDM! One hour passed. Two hours passed. What the hell? Oh, this was the hell. "/sea all 61-65 inv":

I should have taken a screenshot later, when a RDM 64, RDM 65, and BRD 63 were seeking in addition to that list. I've never, ever seen that many BRDs/RDMs (and so little else!) seeking. *sigh*

Still starving, pissed, and bored out of my mind, I took down my flag and went off to make dinner and watch TV. This is the first time I've wanted to XP RDM and could not. On one hand I suppose I should be happy I've gotten to level 63 and can say that, but on the other it's not supposed to be like that! I felt as unwanted as when I try to XP DRK. :/ I should have just given up when I saw all the RDMs/BRDs searching, but I was stubborn. Oh well.

Dear FFXI,

You really need to go back to being fun for me. Stop sucking, please.

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