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How about a good laugh in the morning?

Three things!

1) From today's expansion pack tidbit/update:

In the upcoming version update, we will introduce the "Kokba Hostel," a private room that players will be able to reserve for hour-long time slots.

*DIES and DIES and DIES* A hotel where you can rent rooms in by the hour? What the hell are they thinking? *falls down laughing* Oh my, this will be so much fun to play with. I can now try to drag every single person on LS into there, not to mention random hotties just standing around. *dies more* What in the world were they thinking?

2) From aelice's LJ: The most disturbing sex dolls ever~! Those would freak me out more than turn me on, though I suppose the dolls might work for people if their kink was partners with all their limbs cut off. (Not terribly NWS, but somewhat NWS. You see very small parts in very small pictures, but it's all on dolls, no real people.)

3) hephaestean's LJ makes me happy. He's an old FFXI player who quit and returned, and he's now documenting his journey day by day. Lots of nice screenshots, great writing style, subligar humor, and he looks like me! What more could you want?
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