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Gun Ninja! (FFXI)

The term "gun ninja" must have stuck in my head, because last night I had a dream about it. FFXI was "real" (all the people in it looked like real people and all the places were RL places). Because I'm a wee little NIN, I went off to see a talk being given by some big NIN. Oddly he didn't look like a ninja at all (he was 40-something and not really heavy but very solidly built -- he had some fat on him, but it looked like he could still move fast when needed). He looked sort of like a biker, and he wore normal street clothing (not game stuff). The coolest thing about him was that he was a "gun ninja" -- instead of katanas, he used a gun in each hand. And so totally cool: Unlike in-game, they showed all the time! And so handy: his guns must have had nearly zero delay. He could fire them off pow-pow-pow-pow!

Even though I was an adult in the dream, I kept thinking 'I want to be just like him when I grow up! Just like him!'. Hee. He was so cool. :D
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