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Charmed, I'm sure! (FFXI)

Busy day. Started out with 4 runs on KS30 Copycat (usually we do 6-7 at a time). Got some good drops, but not the best ones: Got three pairs of the 1.7M boots, but didn't get the 4M ingot or cloth. Still, was just way too fun and too too too too easy for the money. Twice (not once, but twice!) the darned NM bene'ed 10K HP back to full, and we still handled it fine. Once it used my 2hr (ha ha ha, please use Blood Weapon! When you hit for so little!), and once it used Chainspell -- while silenced. Ha ha.

The only downside to the day was that I didn't get to kill sylf. *sigh* He's been playing BLM for 75 levels and he's just finally learned not to overnuke, so he never gets hate! The charmed person goes after the person who currently has hate, so I never get to chase him anymore. C'mon, pie-belly! Let's go back to how it was in our early runs! Remember how much fun that was? Really, so much fun! ;)

(While doing a search on my ffxi directly for the pictures of me chasing Sylf, I found this one. *snerk!* Those were fun old days, too~!)

Unfortunately I think zubis hates me now. When I was charmed (me charmed, not him!) he kept hitting me! ;;

Luckily he's just a PLD and doesn't hit for much. ;)

After Copycat we went off to do the NPC Promys and then XP our NPCs. desant_chan and philia's NPCs both dinged once each, and mine moved up three XP text messages. We did encounter something odd though! I've never seen a SC do more damage than the last WS, but it happened twice:

I guess it must be because they're weak to light? (Are bats weak to light? They dropped wind crystals...)

Lastly we did the H2H WSNM for... someone on the LS. No idea who, maybe Val the BRD? I was really wishing I could see the storyline/CS of it -- it was located in Bos-whatever O-whatever (prison under Sandy) so I wondered if it tied into the Spiral Hell storyline.

Lastly, unlike Spiral Hell, Ground Strike does pretty good damage:

I'm really, really, really dreading what S-E is going to try to do to make DRKs go back to using scythes. *clutches his great sword*

Now it's almost 10PM, but doesn't feel like it's approaching bedtime at all. Darned daylight savings time!
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