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Hoping for another Monday...

Sounds strange, I know, but I wouldn't mind at all if today was another Monday. Yesterday was the kind of day that keeps me from quitting without having another job lined up: Two support calls came in and maybe four support emails. The rest of the time was my own. Whenever there are crazy days here, I try to recall that there are days like that, too.

Wow, threats against myself work! Sorta. I woke up this morning to much improved ears. The bad ear is still ringing (as it had been all day yesterday), but it doesn't hurt or burn and mostly isn't clogged. I can pop it at will, as needed. I'm going to hold off on doctor plans.

Car news, since I know you all are just hanging on details of my life. :P The sound is somewhat mostly gone, but I'm still intending to take it in and get it checked. Tires need to be rotated and oil changed anyway, maybe I can find someplace to do all three at once. You'd think there would be some kind of service where you could pay someone to take your car to the shop and then bring it back for you when it was done...
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