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Another full day (FFXI)

Blarg. I was better at keeping up with email/flist when I was on vacation. :P My intent is to do both of those while seeking a party, but thus far I've gotten invites as soon as I put my flag up, so I'm a little behind.

Though I hadn't really wanted to, I did end up XPing RDM today. (Raise your hand if you're surprised to hear that. No one? Good!) On one hand, it was good: We XPed in Sky (my first time ever there at this level! Those birds are nice XP and so amazing! They don't link!), and the XP/hour was much better than my usual (about 11K in 3 hours). On the other hand, the party leader was a real ass (micromanaged to an insane level, like ordering me when to convert and when to rest for MP. I told him to cut it out or I'd leave). Add to that that once again I had zero fun playing the job... My goal had been to get RDM to 65 before dropping it, and while I hit 64 today I really don't know if that will happen. Three people in the party needed refresh and the other three needed haste, and the two SMNs wouldn't heal at all so I had to do that as well. It was quite "amusing", since I had like a third of the SMNs' MP. Grump.

After that I relaxed for a bit (including doing RL suff). Though I hadn't intended to, I ended up getting the bard egg from this stupid Easter event (yay more clutter in my safe). Farmed a lot and crafted for money a little.

Then I was bored, so I went out XPing WAR again. It was much later than I ever usually start these things (thus I didn't get dinner till after 9 PM, grr), but it went well and I got another level on it. It was one of my first times hitting chain 6 in an XP party, too! Go go go low level meleeburn! When I don't have to pull, I enjoy XPing WAR. It's such an easy job: Just sit back and swing my axes, and sometimes voke when the NIN's shadows go down. I feel like I'm slacking off, even when playing the job fully. :P

While I usually avoid using /shout (especially for joking around), today I couldn't resist. Someone named Wolfwood wanted to tell me about a god I could totally get behind (heh heh, no pun intended!). 500g! Love you long time! (Log has been edited only to take out egg-shouts and crafting/checking spam.)

You wouldn't be able to guess it by talking to him, but our favorite NIN's first language isn't English. Now and then slang trips him up, but rarely does that work out as well as today. (Backstory: I sort of hit on him. A lot. He always turns me down and usually hurts me in the process.)

(Danoille is his wife. Oh and this log edited to remove spam, too.)
I'm still giggling/snickering over that. :D Poor, poor (considerate~) Des.

(I've not used this icon in ages and ages, but it seems to fit this sex-heavy post. I wonder if I still have the commercial this came from?)
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