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Yay day! (FFXI)

Long day, but good day! Spent long (but mostly fun) hours getting WAR from 22 to 24. Okay, so it took eight hours to get two low levels, but unlike yesterday, three or so of those hours were spent seeking. Still, whatever! The parties were mostly uneventful, which means they were good. The oddest thing was the DRK who decided to go /NIN (at level 22, so he didn't even get shadows) and use two axes. He sort of sucked in general (and was an Og*), so whatever.

The exciting part came after XPing! A fellow DRK on the LS needed his G1 items, so sexy NIN Des and I set out to help him! While in CN, we came across a most interesting sight: A bee NM was chasing this WAR/NIN around and around and around a rock. Demonic Tiphia was the bee, and the poor WAR was quickly headed towards dying. For three minutes or so he just ran around and around and around that big rock. Eventually some other folks showed up (two HMN folks from PlusOne) and together we watched the WAR circle to his death. On /party we decided to try it if we could claim it. The WAR died, and before I even saw the name change from purple to tan, it turned to red! Des won the voke! Oh did that make the HNM LS guys mad. Heeheehee.

The last line was right after we killed it. I like how they insulted us, insulted our LS, then expected us to just chat with them. Ha!

But yay! We did get the drops!

Yay! We were going to sell and split the money between us three, but I made a rare decision: even though my bomb core is much better than the sting, I bought out their two shares and took the item. All the other high level DRKs whose armor I always admire have the sting, so I wanted it too! I'm usually very strict about "function over form", but in this case I made an exception. I had the money and this was a rare DRK thing, so I wanted it! (I'm really not sure why the other DRKs use this, bomb core is really tons better, but hey! Whatever! Now I have one, too! Baaaa, I'm a good sheep!)

This is the sting and its stats, in its new home! Yay! Bomb core is att +10 and none of the negatives (but no acc +2 either). The only valid use I could see for it is in a 60 capped event, but the other DRKs wear it with their uncapped armor, so I don't really understand.

I was so excited about getting the NM (my hands were shaking so hard! Heck, my chest was shaking! Like my breath was hard to catch!) that I totally forgot to take a screenshot of us fighting it. That's really too bad, as I bet it would have been a nice picture (three of us and our three NPCs). But to make up for that, I drew one~!

It's the WAR and the two +1 guys and spiffy Des and the angry bee~! Des looks a little like a witch in that. *snerk* It's very, very hard to draw (and write!) with a mouse. :P

All of us agreed that Tiphia really wasn't hard to kill. NIN 70, DRK 74, DRK 47? (just under 50, I forget Tharpy's exact level), and our NPCs. The few times I got hate, she couldn't hit me at all. That was seriously amusing, because everything and anything hits me and hits me hard.

Boy, it was so exciting! I don't usually fight for pops, so that made this even more of a heart-racing thing. Then once we got her the two +1 guys crowded us and I guess were waiting for us to die. Heehee.

Oh, I guess if I'm listing happenings of the day, I should mention that I got poked to apply to a HNM LS. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to, for a couple of reasons: 1) I don't fit what their webpage says they want, in at least two different areas (Sea access and being willing and able to "camp things all day" -- hello full time job). 2) I'm not really looking for a HNM LS. As mentioned above, I don't like fighting for pops. Plus I don't really like how the vast majority of them act. (Even if R0 is a "good one" (and the few opinions I heard said it was), you'd still get the brunt of the bad stuff from the other LSs. Just look at the little sample we got over this tiny bee NM!) At one point in time I thought I'd like to try one of the "big" fights, but I got a taste of that on our O-Hat runs and that was enough. I really don't mind being a "little" person, and if I was going to do some big event I'd really rather do it with a bunch of people I know and are friends with. :) But I'm just a DD and DDs are a dime a dozen, so I'm sure R0 will find someone who's a better fit than me -- someone who will want to fight for things when they pop, not just "live and let live" and want to be friends and be nice with everyone. I was pleased and honored to be wanted, but I'd be a round peg in the square hole of all that HNM LS foo. (Ha ha, that "pretty sure" at the beginning of the paragraph became a "certain" by the end. And also, thinking about HNM LS stuff makes me think about Ryu -- how I don't even know her all that well, but I still like her and respect her. I want to craft her more stuff, but that'd be silly to do it for no reason! I need to go to Dynamis again someday soon, so maybe I can learn more about that stuff. ...and ha ha ha, watch me ramble on and on.)

Okay, a few more screenshots, then I end this post and try to sleep!

Another one of those funky, unplanned multi-leveling ups:

Slyker was our poor WHM. Because our idiot tank decided to stop voking, the WHM died every fight. After three or four fights and deaths, we gave up and disbanded the party. Ogblack was our DRK/NIN and responsible for a couple of party near-wipes (yay pulling undead! Hello AoE drains making it impossible to kill the mob! But hey, you used your DRK 2hr (drain!) while fighting them, so you'll save us all!).

And last but not least, I'm know I'm immature but this made me giggle out loud: Nothing like a bit of oral sex in the afternoon~! The hume resting position is so evil for that. Heehee.

Tomorrow is our day for XPing NIN again! Yay! Hopefully we'll hit 30, because I get lots of cool new stuff then. Plus I bought an archer's knife for my off-hand, so hopefully that will help my bullets land! Yay!

*bouncies* And now I need to sleep. Ha ha ha. Good luck to me!
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