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OMG, so bored. c.c;; (FFXI, anime, RL)

Dude, I could be bored and at work, I hate to be bored while at home! At least five more hours of game downtime. Bah.

It's strange to see people so excited about the update details when none of it even got an eyebrow raising or smile from me. Yay for PLDs getting auto-refresh... but that has nothing to do with me. None of the new jobs interest me much, and I'm dreading seeing 57275877425702 BLUs or PUPs or CORs seeking in the various low level areas. It's strange that the closer the expansion pack is coming to be released, the less excited I am about it. New areas and new mobs are great, but darned it, I still have so much I need to do in the old areas first!

As I often do when the game is down for a long time, I re-watched all my old FFXI videos. Niala's videos rocked so much! Great editing and music choices, so much fun to watch. :) And rewatching the one that made me want to level RDM was fun, too (Shiva fight where Ni died and Ead tanked perfectly well) -- made me totally rethink my decision to stop leveling RDM. :) And I'm still (still!) annoyed that I missed the eight-AF3-fights-in-one-day event from two years ago! Darned being on vacation during it.

I tried to catch up on Bleach, but gah, I just so totally have no interest in these filler arcs. I watched five eps (stopped before hitting 70), but can't make myself watch more. The "story" in 64-69 left me wanting to pound my head against the desk; it might as well have ended with "and then they woke up!". This new story with the "vampires" is boring me just as much as the last one.

While I could do with some shopping, I decided not to bother today. It's my last day of vacation, so if I don't want to leave the house then I'm not going to! Unfortunately I slept in "late" (9 AM), too. It's going to be such a bitchkitty to fall asleep tonight and have to get up pre-dawn tomorrow. I wish I could have gotten my sleeping pattern adjusted back to work-hours. Oh well.

Bored, bored, bored. Daytime TV is so boring. I was thinking about rereading old RP logs, but I can't focus on anything. I really want to XP NIN, or failing that (since we're duoing it) then WAR so I can get that up to 37 and be done with it and have it all finished for NIN. In one of the videos I saw my model in NIN AF and it made me grin -- my hume model looks really, really good in NIN AF, and I really want it.

Aurian, Ead, Draque, Des: Please check the 'static party' section of the FI boards. I put something up there about NPC foo. I didn't know where would be better to post it (FI or LJ) so I stuck it there.
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