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F$H!)`-4fh zzzz

Arg, so cruel. As expected, I couldn't fall asleep early last night, thus I got four hours sleep. Zzzzzz. Had a dream that I called my co-worker a "fucking idiot" to his face, and once awake I couldn't figure out if it had been a dream or I really did it. Tried to take a hot shower only to find my neighbors flushing or showering or something and thus I got only hot water. Jumped on my exercise bike, but got bored and jumped back off after only half the time. TV doesn't help any, I need to just stay on.

Highly and seriously strangely, I lost five pounds over vacation. Why's it so strange? 1) I didn't exercise at all, not once in two weeks. 2) I ate sugar! Candy! Bad stuff nearly every day! 3) The second week of the vacation I was either in bed or sitting at the computer. I moved no more than to walk between the two.

Oh my god, so tired. zzzzzz I can't believe I'm back at work again.

I really hope the expansion pack arrives at home today, and that the delivery guy doesn't need it signed for. I put a note on my door asking him to just leave it, so hopefully he will and no one will walk off with it.

So tired. Zzzzz
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