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Can't sleep, expansion pack will eat me!

How's this for sad? My first thought upon waking up this morning was 'Oooh, expansion pack today! Yay!'. Heh.

So yep, I did sleep! Not enough, but five hours is still better than four hours, and if you add the two nights together then I have a whole night's worth of sleep! Heh.

Work is way too busy. I need to concentrate and get lots done today, but my mind is being distracted by something (expansion pack, expansion pack, expansion pack). Hmm, wonder what that something could be (expansion pack, expansion pack, expansion pack).

Huh, I thought I had more to write about then this, but I guess not. Okay, on to work foo!

Oh, and I moved my character to Jeuno this morning, so as soon as I get the pack installed I can turn in my key and head out to the new areas!

*tries not to hit refresh on the UPS tracking page every minute* I left a note on my door for them to leave the package, they better do that! I can't be home to sign for it!
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