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Nearly perfect timing!

I decided to come home for lunch to see if UPS had left me a package, and as I approached my driveway I spotted a UPS truck! He was leaving though! Did he leave me the package? Had it needed a signature and a note wasn't good enough? Should I chase him down and shake him back and forth and demand my package?

Instead I decided I'd pretend to be a sane adult and parked my car and checked if the package was on my doorstep. And it was! So yay, my whole lunch hour to install it!

I put the DVD in and... nothing. Okay, maybe it didn't like the DVD-RW drive, so try the DVD-R drive. Nothing. Ack!

So clever, clever me went into Windows explorer and into the DVD that way. I picked the most likely thing to click on, but I had looked too fast and missed the 'Windows Installer' icon. Heh. But setup.exe seemed to work, too!

The installer took a surprisingly long time (20-ish minutes?), then I got to register and now it's checking 14,000 files. I just hope it will do the download without me having to click 'ok' at any point, because I doubt it'll finish checking before I have to go back to work.

If all goes well, it'll be finished when I arrive home tonight! Eee!

Edit: Woo, checking went fast (about 20 more minutes?), now downloading 257 files. Gotta go back to work soon though. :(
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