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x.x zzzz (RL and FFXI)

Is it any wonder I'm dead exhausted? In the past four nights I've had 4 hours sleep, 4 hours, 5 hours, and 4 hours. Tired, tired, tired. I tried to get offline early tonight, but I kept dragging my feet, then decided I should edit my screenshots instead of posting them raw again. More foot-dragging.

I don't understand it (or perhaps related to that): While I was on vacation I ate one meal a day and was never hungry. Now I eat three (even breakfast, which I usually skip!) and I'm still starving all the time. Funky.

But mostly: So tired. So dead tired. zzzz

Fast FFXI post:

Got lots of stuff done tonight. Welcomed fealu_bryne and daltontrix to the game and the LS! Yay for them!

Once I was social with them for a bit, I warped back to the new areas in time to come along with the missioning and job questing. Got the second mission done, which means: Mog Locker: GET! Yay! I haven't had time to try it yet though, alas. Looking forward to!

The mission was easy enough (just following the tail). After that our little LS group opened COR and PUP.

BLU is mostly open, I just have to go back to the "old world" and get the item to turn in for it.

Yay! I named my puppet Oniwaka. I liked a couple of names, it was a little hard to narrow it down to one. I would have liked to try XPing on the job, but way way too tired to figure it out tonight. (Spent more than 30 minutes looking for the last damned NPC to finish! It's really, really, really annoying not to be able to look these things up online yet.)

Aurian was a good tail and we followed her through the job quests. We saw lots of new mobs and did stuff. Can't remember much of it at the moment. But hey, got some screenshots!

Best Mob Idea Ever. Fleas! Can you spot it in the image? You could basically one-shot them, but the darned things were all over the place. They kept aggroing Aurian, which backs up what I always say: Girls have cooties! Heehee.

Green penguin. Very cute, but far from the most exotic mob we saw tonight. I didn't take many screenshots though.

I like this shot a lot: Our group looking at a distant... something. The boat ride was long (again, 15 minutes), but the mouse city was cool and worth the trip. I like the picture because it shows the group we were in all night, so long as you picture Carby as Draque. ;)

The hot view on the other side~! Dev's my gilfriend! Isn't she pretty? Oh, and that erupting volcano was nice, too.

Bed now. ZZZZZZZ
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