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Can't sleep! Muses will eat me!

Blame Aurian and Cy for this. We were talking about IC FFXI foo, and Aurian wrote up IC Aurian's experiences opening BLU, and it kind of got my mind working. Behind the cut is the tale of IC Thistle opening the BLU job.

As Aurian also noted, IC Thistle can't read much at all (and thus doesn't write). I figured that something like learning a spell would be a great accomplishment for him, since it likely requires as much reading ability as it does magic. That would explain why he uses his magic more than other DRKs.

I should have been asleep an hour and a half ago, but I knew I wouldn't be able to with this rattling around in my brain. Warning: It was written and edited in that time. Sorry in advance for any slips, errors, or rough wording.

WARNING: Will contain some vague(?) spoilers for BLU? Maybe?


So, um, I'm supposed to tell about what happened tonight. Well, write about it, but, ah, I hurt my arm while out fighting things, so my moogle is going to write down what I say. You can pretend it's me writing!

So we had to do this stuff to be able to get blue powers, right? We had to talk to some people and then I had to go to that place outside Bastok (the one with all the water) and get a rock for a guy. I don't know why he wanted the rock, but sometimes people want strange things and if you get it for them sometimes you get money or something, so hey! Why not! It was easy to get to, and while I was there I saw this red mage chick! She was pretty hot, but she was looking for a rock too so I think she didn't notice me or something. I smiled and waved at her, but she just got a chunk of the rock and then warped off. Maybe I'll see her again sometime!

But, um. Right. Back to the story. So I got a chunk of the guy's rock and stuck it into my bag, then warped off as well. (Yeah, I know. It's so silly using magic! But it was the fastest way!)

So I got back to the guy and talked to him and tried to hand over the rock. He didn't give me anything, but he was wearing these glasses (the same kind as Draque has!), and they looked as good on him as Draque's do, so I didn't mind too much. He told me to take the rock, um, somewhere. I kind of didn't listen too closely, you know? But I didn't have to since Aurian said she was going there as well, so I could follow her!

Heehee, I could have found the place on my own, but following Aurian means I could check out her ass and maybe sometimes "accidentally" touch it! Only problem is that we had to stay invisible a lot, so I couldn't see much. (For the second time in a day, I used magic! This time white magic so I could sneak and invisible without using oil or powder. I could have laughed at myself! 'Look at me! I'm a mage! I can wave my hands at things!' Ha ha!)

Eh, Moogle pointed out that I use magic a lot as a dark knight, but that's not the same thing! Dark knight magic is /real/ magic! Important magic! ...well, okay. Cures and haste and stuff are important too, but it's not the same as the spells dark knights use!

But yeah, back to the story. So we get to this pool, right? And Aurian pointed that that was where I should go. (Ugh, water! Do you know how annoying it is to go into water when you're covered with metal, leather, and heavy cloth! But she's just a girl, so she probably doesn't know any better, and since she's sexy it's okay that she doesn't know stuff. I like her anyway, even though she's mean sometimes and bossy a lot. Draque and Ead are lucky they get to hang around with her all the time, and do, um, you know... stuff with her.)


So when I got into the pool this voice started talking to me. I couldn't see the guy, so he probably had cast invisible on himself. (For some reason, mine stopped working as soon as I got into the pool.) He said a lot of stuff to me, but it didn't make too much sense. He said he didn't really need the stone! But before I could get mad about that, he said that getting the stone had been an "impossible task" and he hadn't expected me to be able to do it. (See? Confusing! It hadn't been hard. I just stood around with some rabbits and found the rock by a wall...)

But then it got interesting! He started talking about getting more power! I wanted to stop him and make sure he knew that I was one of the biggest and best dark knights around, and that I had better armor than almost anyone, and that tons of girls liked me, but he kept talking and so I didn't say anything. I already have a lot of power, but then I realized you could always use more, so it's good I didn't say anything!

The guy told me it would cost me to get the power, but he said it wasn't something important at all! That I wouldn't even notice it was gone! (Isn't that the best? Getting something great for free! And get this: He didn't even keep the rock I had brought him! I left with it still in my bag! Ha ha!)

He said a lot of stuff to me, but it wasn't important. Something about me having to work for more people now (um, the empire, I think he said?). I already do lots of stuff for the king and his family back at home, and I sort of figured the people in charge here would have work for me too, so I wasn't surprised.

Things got kind of blurry after that... I woke up (on the floor!) somewhere else. I guess the invisible guy was a black mage and he warped me out? I never landed on the floor after being warped, but maybe I tripped or something...

(Oh, I had to come back and add this part. I almost forgot! When I was on the floor there were people talking, and they said I almost died! (From what? Being warped? Ha ha, do I look that weak?) But they said I was strong enough that I didn't die! It's good that they saw that, because I AM strong! I like it when people see that!)

And that's it! They told me I could now get powers from the things I killed! I went out to try it tonight (that's how I hurt my arm), and it's fun! Even though it's magic (kind of), it's not like that silly magic! You don't have to learn it from a scroll, you learn it by killing things! And I can kill things! Dark knights kill things good!

Oh yeah! And even though the black mage didn't warp her as well, Aurian got out okay. I talked to her later that night and she told me she just walked out. That's good, because Draque and Ead would be mad at me if I had lost Aurian!

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