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Okay, brain, you and I need to have a talk (RL and FFXI)

This whole sleep thing has gotten out of hand. I had a possible seven hours of sleep last night (which would have been a lot!) but it took me an hour and a half to fall asleep, and then my god damned idiot neighbor started honking her horn at 2:30 (which is about three feet from the head of my bed) so of course I woke up... and somehow it took me another hour and a half to settle down enough to go back to sleep. So, once more, I got four hours of sleep. On a weekend. This really isn't good.

I'm thinking I'll get some sort of tea that's supposed to make you sleepy, maybe that'll work. But I think it's more like it's just in my head -- I turn off the lights and close my eyes and suddenly my brain takes off racing. It just won't shut up!



For the first time, I didn't enjoy NINing today. No game-related reason, just that I was totally exhausted and for some reason I pulled muscles in both of my forearms while playing, and hitting my macros hurt. We ended early (only 3.5 hours, got two levels), but my hands are still numb and tingly. :/ I think my body's falling apart.

After that I stressed a while. Got my mog locker opened and filled, did some synthing for a LS guy (made another goblin hat, that's three successes and one failure, but the fail was long ago when my smithing subcraft was like 10 levels lower).

Took our two new LS folks around to get their three tele-crystals. Long trip running around the world on foot, but it was fun spending time with them. :)

After that spent way too many hours working on BLU. How's this: Got NIN from 32 to 34 in 3.5 hours, but it took me 6 hours to get BLU from 4 to 6. Worst of all, I only succeeded in picking up two moves (Sandspin and Sprout Smack). Spent an hour and change in Windy's newbie areas, but failed to learn any moves there. Fun job, but seriously frustrating.

I have some screenshots, but I'll post them another time. Oh, okay, I lied. One old screenshot:

The "sheep herder" I mentioned on LS tonight. I had been playing only a couple days and saw this guy leading sheep around. I had no idea what farming was, let alone train farming, so I figured that he had somehow become a sheep herder in the game. :P "lol noob"
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