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It was a blue day (Yay!) FFXI

Nice, relaxing day! Finally slept last night (almost eight hours! Woo! So nice!), and didn't have to do much all day. We did some Bastok mission, which was a really easy fight in IC. We kill these darned mobs before they realize they've been spawned. Connection problems meant we only did the NPC Promy, no XPing, so that meant an evening of free time!

S-E is highly evil. (Yes, I know that's hardly a news flash.) This BLU job is such a timesink, but it feeds that "gotta catch 'em all!" compulsion in me. Part of me says that no sane player would level it, but I just can't stop. I played it for nine or so hours today, and got from level 6 to 10. I can't believe the number of hours I've put into leveling this job from 1 to 10, any other job could have gotten two or three times as far. But learning new moves is so cool! And using them is so fun!

Happily I've gotten all the moves you should get in the 1-10 level range, plus one in the 11-20 range. It's such a fun, powerful job: Even at level 7-8 I was ripping through EM and T+s without a problem! That's just insane. (I didn't try it after 8 because I was trying to learn stuff.)

Screenshot time!

In our NIN/SAM static on Saturday we had a random MNK with the worst text macros. Imagine seeing this a few hundred times in the space of three hours:

And gah, S-E! You can't even pretend that the pay-by-the-hour hotel is anything but that? Even the NPCs are in on the "secret"! (And the line about his mother boggles me...)

Here's Guppy in the goblin hat I made. I love gobbie hats on Taru, it's just so cute!

Volcanos are so hot~ And I love how I can just stand next to the lava. While wearing metal. Ha ha.

And last and probably least, I spent Saturday running around newbie zones looking like a cheap male whore. Or as Klene put it "a cheap french whore".

Eco and Escort will take up playtime tomorrow night, then on Tuesday I want to go to the new areas and do the quest for the teleport ring.

EDIT: Oh! The new Windower is out! I could kiss it! I'm so happy to see my TP again! (I couldn't care less about seeing party members' TP, but I want mine displayed on the screen all the time! It's an important thing to be aware of at all times.)
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