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Bloo-ooo-oooh, blue, blue, blue~ (FFXI)

It's not bad enough that all I post about is FFXI, it's becoming a case of me posting nothing but BLU foo, huh? :P Well, it's nearly all I'm doing lately, which explains things. I did squeeze in some room for other things tonight though! Did the teleport ring quest (yay!), and one or two other quests, plus a chunk of mission foo.

I'm going to have to figure out why the heck I lag so badly in the Woods and Thicket zones. My R number is fine, but my video is ... well, to say "jerky" would be an understatement. Mobs and people warp from here to there and text waits and then comes all at once (which makes sneaking/invisibling rough!). Other outside expansion pack zones do not lag like that, just Woods and Thickets. The city is fine, too. I wonder if it's caused by the same thing as my 'lagging to the point of the zone not being usable' I see in Windy Walls and one of the Ronf zones...

I had amazingly good luck with BLU tonight! Learned Helldive on my third bird (yay!) and Aurian and I both learned Bludgeon on our first Cardian! That left me time for more XPing than usual, and I got from 11 to 13. Yay!

So in the 11-20 level range I still need: Head Butt (Quadav, level 12), Healing Breeze (Dhalmel, 16), Cursed Sphere (Fly, 18), Blastbomb (Orcish Warmachine, 18), Blood Drain (Bat Family [Not BatS], 20), and Claw Cyclone (Tiger, 20).

I think my plan for tomorrow is to go to Bastok and get Head Butt and XP another level, then go to the Canyon and try to get Healing Breeze. I'd "like" (HA HA HA) to go to the Dunes at 15, but I want all my pre-18 spells before I go. (And I'm still totally undecided as to what to use as my subjob.)

Screenshots! It's funny, as I sort my screenshots I'm going 'Nah, no one would like seeing that. *delete*' more and more often, just so I don't have to edit and upload stuff. :P Lazy am I!

New sword! I look like a real BLU now! Well, other than the stunning lack of anything blue on me... I do love the sword though!

Ha ha ha! A gathering. A big gathering! *snickersnorts* I spotted that while running through the city. The middle guy is Bigglos (his name is blocked by something big). *snerk*

SPOILER WARNING: Spoiler for ToAU mission foo, I think mission 5? Strange bedfellows. I've always thought beastmen (especially yags) were a whole lot smarter than people give them credit for, but this scene still freaked me out a lot.

I'm LOVING the missions so far! Just great, long CSs in nice safe places! No jumping through hoops! I know that will change later (I'm waiting to do ToAU6/Jeuno tomorrow, so "later" is actually pretty soon), but for now I'm enjoying this anti-CoP way of doing things. :)
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