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A peanut walks into a bar... (FFX)

What an exciting night tonight!

I started out seeking an XP party on BLU. All day I had been wavering back and forth on soloing vs partying, but laziness won out: It seemed like a party would be easier, so I did that. Luckily I fell into what was probably the most clueful party in the Dunes at that time. No, it wasn't great or wonderful, but I didn't slit my wrists during it either. (Note: Three BLUs in a party rocks, especially once we hit 16 and got access to Healing Breeze.) Went from 15 to 16 in about the same time I could have soloed it.

But! I left the party early because a Besieged was gathering! Warped back to Sandy, switched to DRK, used my special ring, and whoosh! Was in the new city!

Luckily I didn't have long to wait! About a half hour later (and with 500 people in the zone!!!) the beastmen attacked!

Check out the radar, heh:

The vast majority of those people never even popped.

And man, once I saw this I totally understood why people had killed outside the city the first time:

Why in the world did people blame them for following instructions?

The mobs were way stronger than level 50, too. When I was able to start fighting early in the mob's life, sometimes I even got two swings in with my slow-ass GS! (I'm SO bringing a one-handed sword next time... or hell, a dagger.)

Trolls! My first time seeing trolls! Blech, how yucky!

Oddly, I actually tanked for two fights. o.O Luckily I had stoneskin up (I only had to recast it once), plus they didn't seem to hit for much.

I tanked a red crawler thingie!

I also tanked a troll, but by the time I took this screenshot someone had voked it and it turned. A cool screenshot anyway! The angle is amazing. My sword looks like it must weigh a ton! :D (Edit: Eh, maybe it wasn't this troll. This one has full life with its back to me.)

And last and I wish least: Gah! Fleas weren't bad enough? We need roaches now, too? Blech! *twitch*

The event lasted longer this time (two minutes? three?) and the mobs seemed much harder (the first time they were reported to be about level 50). These mobs were high enough level that I got GS skillups on them (and my GS was capped at 74, not capped for 75 yet). I only made 62 XP total, which isn't great (others reported 200-300). Must get faster weapon for next time, I guess. I guess your XP is based on how many mobs you make contact with?

So all in all: Fun! It'll be much, much more fun when there aren't 500 people trying to do it at the same time.

Tomorrow: NINing in the morning, something easy on my dead brain in the evening.

And hey:

Man, do my breasts hurt. If I brush one with my arm by mistake, I wince. Wearing my seat belt actually hurt when it made contact. If everything else follows this trend, this is going to be one awful period. Just sitting here not making any contact with them at all, and they ache. *whimper*

And I wish it was just myth that your face breaks out before it happens. I should not be getting pimples anymore! So embarrassing.
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