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Help with Japanese? (FFXI)

Uneventful day. Tons of downtime, which was nice. Soloed BLU from 18 to 20, making about 4K/hr XP (without band), which is twice my usual XP/hour in parties. Learned Bomb Toss and whatever that flytrap AoE sleep move is called. BLU is so amazing. I chained EMs and T+s. Killing DC/EPs is a waste of my time. :D

Recall the worthless NIN from last night? This the conversation about her. Can any Japanese-speaking folks tell me what they were saying? (And I don't usually chew people out like this, but she was just awful.) Short conversation log, eek Japanese! (Background: The JP leader (Zigo) said the party was disbanding in 30 minutes. 15 minutes later, Worthless NIN announced she was leaving.)

Oh my god, more Humes need to wear that BLM tattoo armor. *DROOL DROOL DROOL* (Look how boring and ugly I look behind him. Blechy low level armor!)

We spent a couple hours killing that NM for Carby Mitts. Fights were easy enough to sleep through, or nearly so. Everyone who wanted mitts/pacts got them.

In the downtime between NM pops, we played Human Tic-Tac-Toe. Melees were Xs and Mages were Os. :P

You'd think gilsellers would have better armor... And dude, why a DRK gilseller? You guys really ever need stunners?
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