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I don't like it rough... (FFXI)

It was a rough but interesting day. (FFXI day, RL day sucked ass.) I hate to make excuses, but I wonder if in this case it's valid: I got three, maybe four hours sleep last night, and I skipped dinner (and lunch was a piece of bread). I couldn't concentrate at all and I made stupid mistakes on the game all night long.

As usual, I trotted off to XP BLU. I had limited time before Eco, but I wanted to hit Merph Mountains to see how things conned there (and to kill any flies close to the zone). WTF, everything was EP! EP is a waste for me to kill (takes close to as much MP as harder things, for sucky XP). The lizards were T+, so once I discovered that I started killing them.

Mistake #1 of the day: XP chain be damned, you do NOT jump a T+ mob with less than half your HP and MP. I survived with 5 HP. Luckily it was almost time for Eco, so I headed south.

While killing Dancing Weapons in the Canyon, a gob aggroed me while I was fighting an EM+. Same mistake as #1 (because clearly I'm slow at learning my lessons) -- I had started out the fight with less than full MP/HP, so I couldn't deal with the (EP!!) goblin as well as the Weapon. Died.

After Eco and Escort, went back to XPing. Was trying to learn Screwdriver, but had to pull pugs around orcs. A stupid mistake ended me with one pulled pug and two orcs pounding my ass. Luckily other BLUs in the zone pulled them off me and I lived. Barely.

Finally learned Screwdriver! Yay!

Decide to go down to Central Landing to con the tigers there. (Claw Cyclone is level 20 and it annoys me that I don't have it yet.) Unfortunately almost everything around the dock conned IT+. I wanted to leave, but it was 20 minutes till the next ferry. But hey! I had my pearls, so I called out my NPC!

Woven in with all the IT+s were a few scattered T+, so I pulled them. Tough fights, but the very best solo XP numbers I've ever seen! (Eh, can you call XPing with your NPC soloing? :P )

I had never, ever broken 200 outside of a party:

And then two fights later:

And then the next fight I died. *sigh* Two deaths, when I don't usually die twice in months.

I stopped playing BST because I consider dying to be failing. If I'm going to continue to solo BLU, especially on T+ and higher mobs, I think I'm going to need to change that way of thought. Just hope I can...

Scratched and clawed my way from 20 to 21 tonight, ending 4 XP into level. No buffer, but too tired. I'll deal with it tomorrow.
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