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FFXI and Lost

Either I'm doing something wrong or soloing BLU is becoming less viable. Soloing a T+ (at least a coeurl) isn't safe anymore. So I killed them with my NPC all night, and the XP sucked. Under 2K/hour, and I had a death. Leveled from 22 to 23 (about 5K XP + 500 buffer) and took me 4 hours. Even though I was getting 120-160 per kill, it drained my MP and HP. :/ I did the last 1500 XP on EPs, and I think I made faster XP that way...

The only highpoint of the night was learning Poison Breath (level 22). So there's just one spell I'm missing (Claw Cyclone, level 20). I'm going to party tomorrow, even though I hate to do that when I'm missing a spell I should have.

Blarg. I think I'm finally ready to do something else besides XP BLU every night. It's quickly starting to annoy me. :/ Maybe I'll party and get a few levels, then work on getting my 31-40 level spells.

Well, they sure did connect a number of dots tonight, didn't they? But the thing that got the biggest reaction from me was the Anna Lucia/Sawyer bit. I actually said "Ewwww!" out loud. Gah, I guess they have been on the island for a while if Sawyer was willing to do that. Sheesh. Blech.

I love Henry, he's so cool. (10 minutes left in ep, I hope I don't need to change that to past tense... Oh you damn writers, you better not leave that as a cliffhanger.)

Oh wow! YOU GO, Michael! Woo!........ ack! Oh god, poor Hurley. Man, Michael, sheesh. You idiot. Or are you brainwashed? Ha! Wow, he was! Wow, what an ending!

Very tired and stressed. I haven't gotten more than four hours of sleep any night this week. Not feeling very well. :/
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