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I <3 S-E!

Oh my god, I love S-E so much. They've made ToA as good as they made CoP sucky.

Besieged tonight on Midgar. Three waves, all level five. Each arrived one after the other.

For the first two, there were about 250 mostly 75 level PCs in the zone. I hate using this word for gaming reasons, but the invading mobs "raped" us and good. So totally cool!

In XP settings, I have zero problem hitting mobs for good number damage. I have +78 att and +41 acc (and the str/dex to support them). I could not hit these mobs, and when I did I only did 120-ish on a normal swing. WS did 400-ish. A small fraction of my usual numbers! And on some of the mobs I actually couldn't hit! (The first person who makes a "lol drk can't ever hit haw haw haw lol" joke gets defriended.) They were really really high level mobs with powerful abilities. :D

On the first wave, nearly all of the 250+ level 75s died. Three RDMs, a PLD, and a WHM either survived or reraised. The rest of us HPed and battled further in the city. Amazing. :)

I made nearly 1K Xp for the three waves! Yeah, yeah, lots of people made lots more (800/wave was the average I was hearing), but it was fun!

And the best part? By the time we were done, the groups were halfway ready to attack again. :D So cool. S-E rocks so hard for listening to people and adjusting things.

The whole thing, all three waves, took more than two hours. Very little downtime between the waves (maybe 20 minutes total?).

Screenshots later tonight. :D
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