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Thistle's Escort Service~

Got zero stuff of my own done tonight, but I escorted new characters here and there! At various points over the evening, LS people and I got two new characters (one new player and one old) subjob items and I ran them around the world getting this and that. Two new players on the LS got their chocobo licenses, so lots of stuff got done!

Tried to get RL stuff done, since I wasn't getting personal FFXI stuff done, but totally failed. Still got the same pile of bills waiting to get paid, still have the same messes, still have the same list of stuff to do. Blarg.

Unfortunately I only got to watch Lost with a quarter of my attention. :( Looked like a good ep, but I was doing this and that online and missed most everything.

I never ever want to play with my FFXI dat files, but if I could find this one I would so totally do it: (The path in the image doesn't work.) Mmmm.

Hotter than heck in my apartment (over 80! Blarg!) but need to try to sleep now. :/

Very tired, very stressed. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
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